Birds of a Feather Dizdar and Dunn.

In the Last week Thomas Dunn the current flag bearer for the Hampstead SRA hoax has been in Scotland meeting with his teacher.. cough groomer Russ Dizdar a peddler of an amalgamated conspiracy theory woven package with the theme of SRA. Author of many books Dizdar describes himself as “As a ‘demonologist’ (a researcher of […]

After Dark 11 11/11. Spooky huh!

Last night was the 11th episode of After Dark my Sunday night podcast/debate show which beautifully enough landed on the 11th of November (Insert conspiracy rhetoric at will). I feel now is the appropriate time for some reflection on the last 3 months and how things have progressed. When I started the format it was […]

Eddie Isok. Fake activist/truther?

Back in July I started to follow the Brian Harvey case and was initially drawn to it because he was being most vocal about Bill Maloney and Jon Wedger both prominent members of the anti child abuse community. At the time Brian was exposing the fact that Bill Maloney was not quite the pioneering film […]

So finally I did it…

So Finally I have decided to try my hand at blogging! Don’t expect a literary delight or a splendid plethora of whit and humor expect nothing more than honest reporting of what is going on regarding the subjects I look at and the people I look into. Hopefully i can get into the ritual(no pun […]