Shaken and stirred. Double oh wtf….


I have often pondered to myself how can people be convinced that the earth is flat and subscribe to that as their reality dismissing centuries of data? Yesterday I got the chance to find out from a You tuber by the name of Double oh 7. He has a channel with around 800 subscribers and is currently a musician in a bar in Tenerife who makes flat earth video’s and claims that he knows it is 1000% flat (erm yes).

Having been informed he was a nice guy struggling to make his way on You tube but a guy who loves everyone and fairly positive, so I took the plunge and contacted him via twitter to have a conversation. I should have know from the tone of his passive aggressive messages that it wouldn’t end well however me being me i proceeded. So Richie as he is known came onto the hangout and proceeded to explain about his family history of masons and a story of his grandfather whom he said previously ran a company in silicon valley and is now cutting rich couples grass because he left the Mason’s. Now stay with me … I tried to ask why he thought that in order to be a Mason you have to believe in a god or greater power ? he responded telling me he knew but i wouldn’t like his reason he proclaimed they are correct and proceeded to go on a rant regarding how he “knew” how i was “a fucking muppet” for reading books or looking at scientific study this tone continued becoming more aggressive and feverish as i tried to interject.

That moment when you realize you are dealing with a narcissistic sociopath ……

The ranting continues becoming more and more fevered the lack of logic and abusive aggressive nature seeping through at the very 1st question i asked which twenty minutes later i am still trying to get him to address and retort. At this point i have to admit I became frustrated and essentially after continued abuse, belittlement and disrespect I lost my “shit”. I interjected “Listen cunt your calling me a retard a sheep when you have a YouTube channel with 800 subs and get 20 hits on a video you say you live in paradise and people don’t get you and cry on your stream, this is because you are the same as every other flat earther / SRA hoaxer i have come across blind to reason and logic and narcissistic self promoters.

At this point he Leaves..

less than a minute later I get a DM in my inbox it contains this.


Now less than  a minute after I speak to him he has taken to You Tube in order to post the above video clearly he wants attention (one of the main reasons i gave him no air on my channel). This was kind of worry but hysterical at the same time I won’t lie if the intended effect was to intimidate it failed… badly as other will testify. What followed was another 3 videos in the space of an hour or so and various jibes on Twitter. Now i was becoming slightly concerned, not for me you understand but for this man who has taken to social media to threaten and try to intimidate me. He talks about having “killed someone” and “done time in maximum security”.

I had seen a man crying on a balcony saying he loved everyone only 4 hours before we talked now this torrent of abuse and threats… something not adding up there right. The truth is the man knew he was on the ropes at the 1st question and acted out until he could leave the debate and took to social media to tell the world i called him a cunt. He is not special or alone in that regard I have called many people the C word but i only use it when i mean it and usually once someone has went way beyond being reasonable. It showed me exactly what i knew about the guy he is struggling for attention and will do anything to get some.

So this is an opportunity for him to get a few hits and some attention i hope he enjoys it, I won’t be making video’s regarding him and this will be my only official response to him as i feel engagement with him are futile he is a “believer” a dangerous one full of ego (self admitted), self loathing and anger.

He has shown what he is about he built his channel from the Brian Harvey stuff and no one is now paying attention really to him 20 views from a live hour long video with 800 subs says it all , he believes he “knows” and is all the evidence for his claims he needs. He is unreachable by logic and reason the only thing he took from a 40 minute conversation is a 4 letter word which he has made 4 videos from including one showing all our inbox messages except for the screenshot below where he blocks me.


I only hope he gets over his anger and mental health issues and pulls his head out of the sand, takes a look at himself and clears his head of the troubles it is full of and rids himself of the anger he carries. He clearly tries to keep this under the surface but lacks any self control whatsoever and social media probably isn’t the best way forward for people with mental health issues. His persona as a peace loving musician is a face, the make up on top. What lies beneath is disturbing and deluded.



9 thoughts on “Shaken and stirred. Double oh wtf….

  1. Meanwhile, I’m just listening to your appearance on Omnis brilliant show, another mega achievement, already ! apart from getting the big El of Hoaxtead Research and me to speak together live, for the first time, plus others of great merit…………….in the UK…….. Such good work already, Flo. I admit, when I saw you interview Angela Power Disney I thought you were gonna give her a platform and help inflame the near dead hoaxers ability to carry on………….but you caught my attention, by mentioning someone else who has also recieved the vile treatment they deal, when they can’t shut us up……… Badda.
    Anyway: I hope you have done some very important facilitation and honest communication, I’m impressed.
    As you know, I’m not keen on the C word, but seriously, I probably would have called him one, too…..yuck what a disturbing creature he is.

    Omni shines so much light on the craparoony artists, I love his work, too.

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  2. You can only do so much with some people, I’m afraid. I think the situation you describe is common amongst members of the “troof movement”.

    They don’t actually have fully formed opinions, but rather just repeat things they have heard from others, without stopping to think whether there’s evidence for or against. When you question them, they will continue to bleat the same tired stuff as though repeating it makes it true, or they will call you a shill/paedo protector/nonce/you name it.

    Even that is meaningless, though, as it’s not a thought-out conclusion, but merely the kind of name-calling you might expect to hear from a cranky six-year-old. (Sorry to any six-year-olds out there whose intelligence I might be underestimating.)

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