After Dark 11 11/11. Spooky huh!


Last night was the 11th episode of After Dark my Sunday night podcast/debate show which beautifully enough landed on the 11th of November (Insert conspiracy rhetoric at will). I feel now is the appropriate time for some reflection on the last 3 months and how things have progressed.

When I started the format it was unnamed in the beginning and was meant to be just a platform for a few members of my group to talk about the things we are looking at and are thoughts on the activities of various “scammers” hopefully encouraging people from the other side of the fence to address our questions and engage in discussion. What i began to notice very quickly is that the people we are investigating want no part of an open discussion and in fact would rather ignore any questions or concerns you may have regarding their activities.

So what has happened in the last 3 months? Well as we are unable to debate the people we are investigating we have had to resort to simply discussion rather than debate as not one person we have scrutinised has had the testicular fortitude to be openly questioned. However what has happened is that people who have been maligned and persecuted by these people and others who are actively taking on the cabal of insidious “truthers” out there have used the platform to educate and express the concerns they have regarding this cabal. This has been a cathartic experience and culminated last night in a real milestone show.


What a show it was, in a change from me introducing proceedings with a monologue we went straight into it with Hellbound Heathen and Wavyevergreen midway through a discussion about American politics and aspects of American law. Next we were on to the Thomas Dunn affair and his visit to Scotland and prospective plans, The show continues to meander it way through the usual range of topics until Richard Hannah makes an appearance. What a pleasure it was to speak to this man and hear from a man at the end of dealing with the SevenGate palava. He was witty, humble and honest and it was an excellent book end on the show in that it shows that real people are willing to stand up to the nonsense the threats the defamation and slander and come out the other side still smiling dignity in tact. One of the shows highlights for sure.


The show has developed so much due to the support it has received from experienced campaigners and activists backed up with some real depth of knowledge provided by our regular contributor’s, It has organically formed into what it is and will continue to do so despite of us not being able to attract any of the opposition to debate (wonder why) we have continued to go from strength to strength and I am truly humbled by the people around me. I simply provide the platform the people that participate are the ones providing the quality information, content and class. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed on the journey thus far even those i no longer regularly speak with without you it would not be where it is today.

My hope for the future is to have more debate on the format and continue to try and get the quality information out to those who require it and als to help make a dent in the fake truth movement that poses as alt media these days. We have a wide ranging panel and new people joining every week and I hope this continues as the diversity of opinions is what will stimulate debate after 3 months.

I think the progress has been amazing and I could never have dreamed of this going the way it did but it has always felt right in a weird spooky way and I have no intention of stopping now.



5 thoughts on “After Dark 11 11/11. Spooky huh!

  1. I just like to thank you mike for giving us your platform to address the opposition. It’s been great just listening to some of the folks there points of view on various topics. I know for a fact we have reached out to people who was unaware of this conspiracy theorist and scammers and educated them. I know a few people look forward to the next episode and ask me to send them the link straight after the show. So it’s all positive . So once again a massive thank you mike for letting us jump on board your platform without your knowledge and experience us survivors will still be at square one with folks none the wiser of these scammers and conspiracy theorists.

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    1. Others have worked relentlessly for years and people like yourself help people in real world situations. I just host a platform and convey some of my thoughts others have done the hard work and research. I appreciate the words lee but when compared to people like yourself I do very little.

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  2. From the start, I think the Flo Destroyer After Dark series has been a real winner. As you say, it’s a great place to hear a variety of opinions—because we don’t all agree with one another, thank goodness!—and to get some real home truths about scammers, liars, and fools. I know people look forward to the chats…I certainly do! And I think we’re reaching a lot of people who otherwise might miss hearing counter-arguments to what some in the “alt media” put out.
    Thanks to you for setting it up, and for doing such an excellent job as host.

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  3. That’s spooky indeed, 11.11.11. lol……….. Thankyou so much for facillitating the podcasts, whiich I am really glad to have been able to participate in and it is proving to be an invalueble resource………..not least that for some of us, until now we have only communicated through comments on various platforms.
    The guest speakers you have attracted so far have been excellent and long may it contine to grow and evolve, as you say, organically.

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