Birds of a Feather Dizdar and Dunn.


In the Last week Thomas Dunn the current flag bearer for the Hampstead SRA hoax has been in Scotland meeting with his teacher.. cough groomer Russ Dizdar a peddler of an amalgamated conspiracy theory woven package with the theme of SRA. Author of many books Dizdar describes himself as “As a ‘demonologist’ (a researcher of and 35 + years of doing ‘exorcisms’- deliverance ministry) he has studied both the scriptures and has researched the underworld for over 40 years. This has led to the vast work he doing right now as he engages the underground of satanic ritual abuse (master race stuff), human trafficking and the global network of what the scripture calls THE MYSTERY OF LAWLESSNESS.” …I know right. Essentially Russ casts himself as a preacher and warrior against SRA much like his apprentice Thomas. Much Like Thomas he relies on the hard selling of fear porn to his congregation to keep himself financially viable and much like Thomas has not the 1st clue about the cases that he talks about.

 There appears to be an attempt at a satanic panic 2.0 at the moment in the UK with Jon Wedger, Eddie isok , Angela Power Disney, Guidance 2222 and others pushing hard behind this narrative through in particular the Hampstead Case using Thomas Dunn by proxy to say and promote there narrative Thomas already has a history with Angela in the past and now that she is sidelined Thomas has taken up the baton with the others signal boosting him in the UK this is very worrying as again there is an attempt to divert attention and resources from real victims and survivors not the holiday funds of the people proclaiming to be fighting child abuse in the name of Jesus.

  Even back in the early days Thomas was popular check out the public opinion of his broadcast with Angela. Also note this was 2 years ago the man looks like he has aged 15 years must be tough fighting satanists or it could be the stress of knowing your selling bullshit.

 It came to my attention whilst researching Russ someone had done a rather splendid job debunking some of Dizzydar’s wares. I have looked through some of the material and recommend anyone researching these kinds of people take a look as it highlights some interesting perspectives. The author Paradox brown has provided a comprehensive list of points and counter arguments he also has a YouTube channel and a playlist of the videos he has made regarding the subject.

Here is the summary from the bottom of his post I believe it to be a very nice summary of this kind of mind set and the issues it can cause.

 The full post can be found here : Stop alien abduction.

“While we might like to believe that no true Christians would harm or murder an innocent person in cold blood, out of fear, paranoia, or hatred… all we have to do is look at history to see example after example of those who called themselves Christians persecuting those different than them, to prove that in fact the church all throughout history has been waging an internal battle between those who call themselves Christians, and those who actually act like them by practicing the love and nonviolence Jesus Christ exampled. The church in the present time is still in the same battle, Pharisees exist today also within the church. The great danger in these teachings is the church being corrupted from the inside out, Pharisees without love tempting others to follow them. It is not just possible, but even likely that in certain situations of crisis, out of fear of a Black Awakening of supposed Satanic Supersoldiers, that Christian followers of Dizdar’s teachings might panic, and in paranoia turn on those innocent of any actual crime, and harm or kill them “preemptively”. This could be violence against innocent non-Christians who for whatever reason are suspected of being Satanic Supersoldiers… or this could be violence against other Christians, also innocent. In a crisis situation, it is not just possible but even likely that a paranoid Christian, engulfed in Dizdar’s teachings, might preemptively strike out against a threat that’s not even there, though in paranoia they perceive it to be, shooting a ghost of their own imagination, but wounding a real and innocent person. 

In certain Christians, there is already a level of ignorance and prejudice, against those who are different, and unfortunately too often more judgmentalism than outreach to those who look different, act different, or believe differently. The last thing that is needed is for current levels of fear or prejudice to be raised to panicked proportions out of fearing for their lives. When Christians persecute those in the secular world, it gives all Christians a bad name, and hurts evangelism, besides being unbiblical conduct. It also generates backlash. Should something tragic along these lines happen, and an innocent secular person was killed by a paranoid Christian, murdered with no real provocation in reality, the secular backlash against Christians could be enormous.  The last thing the church needs is for the world to have an excuse to label evangelical Christians who believing in literal prophecy fulfillment, as dangerous and violent extremists. These teachings truly are dangerous, both spiritually, and even potentially physically, to those on both sides of the dichotomy of anyone who comes under the influence of believing this false prophecy, and also potentially to innocent bystanders, and in backlash to the church at large. These teachings are potently dangerous if large numbers of Christians come to believe them, become paranoid against Satanic Supersoldiers, and in a time of crisis generate violence from Christians against innocent bystanders, and in result cause a backlash of persecution against the whole Christian church. My concern isn’t those with MPD, but rather those without MPD who believe these teachings, who exist in larger numbers, and seem more likely in paranoia to become violent, and on a larger scale.

If false teachings/prophecy were drugs, and Serpent’s Seed was alcohol, and Modern Nephilim Hybrid teachings were marijuana, then Dizdar’s teachings on SRA/MPD and of the Black Awakening would be the heroin of false prophecy and false teachings that are currently circulating and spreading out there in the online Christian conspiracy fringe. Unlike the others, it’s powerful, it’s easy to get hooked on jut a little, and to OD and die on just a little of this (spiritually speaking), and it gets people hooked long-term. The impact this can have in a person’s life can be powerful and powerfully detrimental.

Dizdar, who is deceived, tries to fit these false prophecies into the Bible, citing Rev 19:19, saying these SRA/MPD demoniac infiltrators are the armies of the antichrist, who in their “Black Awakening” or global spontaneous mass murder killing spree, will help usher in the rise of the antichrist to power. But these prophecies were received by demons and are false. But if this fits anywhere in prophecy, it would be that this coldness towards another person is the core of what Jesus Christ prophesied would happen in the last days:

 “And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”  -Matt 24:10-13″

Time will tell how much attention these dangerous individuals can gather, fortunately they won’t get there unchecked.


4 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather Dizdar and Dunn.

  1. Brilliant stuff, Flo! There’s loads here to think about. I think you’re correct that a number of people are working hard to try to create Satanic Panic 2.0, and attempting to use the Hampstead children to do so. It’s a disgusting example of profiteering on the backs of children and families who have already suffered more than their fair share.

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