Dunn to arrive in London today

A great article, Dunn showing his true intentions.


We seem to have become annoyingly prescient lately.

Yesterday we noted that while Russ Dizdar was about to leave the UK, we expected that Thomas Dunn would not have come all the way to Dundee without at least making a token trek south to London. And sure enough, in a live-streamed video yesterday evening, Dunny announced his intention to do just that:

At 03:18 Dunn says:

We’re on our way to London tomorrow, but we will be…I’m not gonna say where we’re gonna be, um, in London, but we’ll be there, we’ll be in London, and dude, I’m just excited about being over here, I’m also…um…I dunno, dude, it’s different. I mean there’s a need here. There’s a need here and I haven’t…I haven’t sorted through all my thoughts and my feelings about the climate over here.

A hint re the climate over here: always carry an umbrella and you…

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