Abe still trying to court Brian Harvey

Like a rat up a drain pipe, Abe Christie in desperate mode trying to latch on to anyone who has uttered his name, recently Eddie Isok has also been in direct contact with Abe and also he has been pinning his hopes on the self proclaimed Satan fighter Thomas Dunn to push his narrative and fulfill his need to continue abusing children who have already escaped his clutches once. The man with a history of abusing children can’t seem to help himself. What’s worse is this abuse by proxy and his sick indulgence in his own fantasy is being willingly and gleefully carried out by the likes of Dunn and Isok, helping to satisfy this deeply disturbed, repugnant abuser’s sinister and evil needs.

This article highlights the desperation of an abuser desperate to continue his abuse by proxy.


It’s been a few weeks since we last checked in on Abraham Christie’s hilarious Instagram page, and we weren’t really expecting to find much of interest, other than the smarmy little bully’s usual Desert Cosplay routine. 

We were pleasantly surprised, then, to discover that Abe has been busy on the one social media channel that’ll still have him. 

Remember kids, if this man asks if he can show you his wares, run and tell a grown-up. 

Brian Harvey, won’t you please come play?

We noted with some amusement that Abe is still waving madly in hopes of grabbing the attention of Brian Harvey, apparently unaware that that ship left the harbour months ago. Still, as we all know, Abraham has never allowed mundane things such as “facts” or “reality” to stand in the way of his deranged fantasies. 

“I know, I’ll make him think I sympathise with his persecution…that’ll…

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