Sabine McNeill on trial: Day 7

The most valid reporting source of the case on the internet MSM could learn a lesson or 2 from how to report accurately and treat a case with the respect it deserves.


Yesterday we reported on the surprise arrest of Paul Rogers, aka Eddieisok, who was accused of contempt of court due to having uploaded videos containing the name of a witness in Sabine McNeill’s trial, in contravention of a reporting restriction.

Readers may also be aware of a number of threats against the judge in Sabine’s trial, as well as against EC, made by John Paterson during a Facebook livestream with his friend Andy Devine yesterday evening.

Today both those issues came to a head, which made for a rather chaotic day at Southwark Crown Court.

Finding Eddie

After being informed that Sabine’s trial would be starting at noon rather than 10:30 a.m. as originally scheduled, we learned that Rogers’ hearing would be taking place…but we weren’t able to ascertain exactly where. Because of the reporting restriction, his name had been blanked on the daily case list in the lobby, but…

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