Mel Ve.. when winning isn’t enough.


Apologies for not posting for a while has been a busy few weeks and the blog unfortunately slipped in my priorities.

On Sunday gathered for our weekly debate/discussion on After Dark a broadcast I host so that we can discuss and debate various topics primarily regarding the Hampstead case. I have always stated from the start that this platform would be open to anyone who wished to debate me or others I exclude no one regardless of beliefs with one exception and that is that I will not provide a platform for anyone who has been convicted of any kind of sexual abuse or child abuse.

With that to Sunday’s broadcast we had had Mel Ve Co-director of the CCN (‘Conscious Consumer Network) a small broadcasting network who host discussions from dragonology to Child Abuse and host a variety of “colourful” characters as perhaps Angela Power Disney would describe them. Mel had approached EL Coyote of Hoaxtead Research fame and a regular on my show and was kindly pointed to approach me as I have an open platform and am “a reasonable chap”.  Mel then contacted me directly and asked if she could appear as to expose information on Angela Power Disney now that Sabine McNeils trial had reached conclusion with sentencing expected Wednesday (being found guilty of 4 counts of harassment and 6 breaches of a restraining order from an alleged 17). I agreed of course it is an open platform Mel made a few requests about what i could and couldn’t ask and said she would reply with “no comment” to anything she considered inappropriate. This was unusual as this is the 1st time I have been requested conditions however no biggie every one can reply how they want to any questions that is their right.

The full episode is below.



During the episode it came to light that there were z few personal issues that were  not going to be set aside and that is fine however my platform does not exist to resolve personal battles but serves to provide a platform for wider debate. Mel Ve and indeed Biggi both conceded to talking down all there Angela Power Disney material and no will no longer promote CSA related topics on their broadcasts, furthermore they apologised for their part in promoting the Hampstead hoax. They stopped short of Admitting that they were making money from the subject however I refused to accept this and pushed heavily making clear several times that they were. As far as I was concerned jobs a relatively good one.

This of course was not the case what followed were various inboxes expressing concern from Mel and Biggi. Initially these were raised as legal concerns to which I asked specifically what needed to be removed as I was not deleting a 3 hour discussion for the sake of 30 seconds. Next up was a play at my morals and ethics (Ye i know right!) then trying to get sympathy saying they felt bullied and that I was deeply unprofessional, essentially a barrage of appeals to get the episode removed. I ignored most of the inboxing and said if they felt concerned I would open up a live and do a hangout to address the complaints they had which we did and it is here below for your “enjoyment”.

Mel Ve and Biggi Raise concerns

So we had the discussion and talked about the abuse Mel had suffered (she had been called a “Knobhead” and a “Shitty  Journalist” by Grobnob the Troll. So not much to say about that really as in terms of things Mel and Biggi have done this is insignificant. There followed some really weak arguments and some histrionics. I did not accept the critique they had and thoroughly rebuked all of the arguments except one…..

I could not answer in regards to the personal battles going on which in my eyes are very irrelevant to the bigger picture and I thought as did others that this may be able to help put aside issues in the past and let bygones be bygones however this was not the case and led me to questioning if  people are just so caught up in personal stuff that they do not want closure on certain chapters of their lives and progression. I guess some people will always have burdens they are reluctant to unload because of being perceived to have lost a battle or admit defeat where I like to think that most people are able to set aside differences accept apologies or agree to disagree there are still some who will forever want the conflict and seek a victory where there is none to be won. I for one would like to close the chapter of Mel Ve and Biggi with the positives that have come from it and take what I can get in terms of assurances on future conduct rather than seek to destroy an already crippled adversary .

I would like to wish all our readers a happy Christmas and a fabulous New Year. It looks set to be an interesting one….


2 thoughts on “Mel Ve.. when winning isn’t enough.

  1. You’re so right, Flo. This should not be about personal vendettas, but about the issues at hand. We need to be able to step back and address the issue—for example, “making money from the topic of child sexual abuse”—without things turning into a bun fight. It puts you in a very bad spot as a host who wants to give people a fair hearing, and leaves everyone with a bad taste in their mouths. I think you handled it very well, but it can be almost impossible to moderate these things at times.

    You’re right that the coming year looks as though it’ll be very interesting. Looking forward to it!

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  2. I agree sometimes getting it all out there can help move things forward too, your platform allowed all the issues to come to a head and it’s up to each and everyone of them involved to either call it a truce and put it all to bed or just keep going round and round in a never ending circle. Hopefully it’s had more of a positive experience than negative 👍

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