Ok so the saga which has become Andy Devine vs Gordon Bowden has been rumbling on now for a few weeks now and some of us have been sitting back and watching the drama unfold, this post is going to unpick the bones of it. ¬†How the spark was lit. The saga began back in […]

Abraham Christie’s criminal record

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Last week EC did an interview with William Ramsey, in which they discussed the Hampstead SRA hoax. Ramsey was an excellent host, well-informed and reasoned in his approach. It’s safe to say, though, that this interview was not universally popular amongst Ramsey’s usual followers, some of whom grew quite heated…

#ibelievenick a clear line in the sand.

As reported by the BBC and others in the MSM the news of “nick”s conviction has resonated throughout the anti child abuse campaigning scene it seems that some anti child abuse campaigners still believe nick in spite of the following developments. “A man has pleaded guilty to voyeurism and making or possessing more than 300 […]

Jon Wedger: Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus

Over the course of the last year or so more and more concerns have arisen regarding the credibility of Jon Wedger as a whistle blower and a anti child abuse campaigner. The latest being highlighted are his terminology where phrases such as child prostitution and child sex are banded about on his broadcasts as well […]

Questions mount for Jon Wedger

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Usually this time of year is a bit of a snooze-fest in Hoaxteadland, as even SRA hoax-pushing conspiracy theorists like to take a bit of down-time between Christmas and New Years. Into this year’s vacuum, though, has galloped a face that became all too familiar to us last year: yes,…